We believe in exploring hidden talents of the children. Apart from general routine, there is always something happening at Noble School. Inter-Class, Inter-House and Inter-School Competitions are held regularly in Olympiads, Elocution, Quiz, Debate, Essay, Story & Poetry writing, Handwriting, Spelling, Painting, Drawing, Drama, Dance, Singing, Trekking, Swimming, Cycling, Games, Sports, Athletic Meet and many more. In addition, Noble School students actively participate in Taluk, District, State, National and International level events, exams and competitions and walks away with good number of prizes. 

School Events are judiciously timed to reinforce the concepts of learning in the secular and diverse principles of our rich heritage. Special Assemblies are conducted on special days of state, national and international significance and UNO declared days of special observance.

House System:
In order to develop healthy competition, team-spirit and co-operation, the school is divided into four houses named based on the values we instil among the students: Serene, Adore, Revere, Victore. Activities conducted to refresh students, build confidence, explore possibilities, develop talents, ignite interest, chisel fitness, polish concepts and enhance team work and to prepare students for competitions.

External Competitions:
School has subscribed to some well known standard national and international competitions in subject-wise Olympiad, Quiz, Spelling, Arts, Sports, etc. which takes place on dates and in a place specified by the organizers. Participation in any of such competitions is voluntary at the fee prescribed by the organisers. 

Trained counsellors are is available in the school; students can approach them in the afternoon sessions. However every teacher in our school is a counsellor. Strict confidentiality is maintained. Workshops and Talks on Exam Stress, Study Skills, Time Management, Life Skills,… are conducted time to time.

Personality Development:
Time to time special programs, seminars, conferences and workshops are conducted by specialists from various backgrounds to students and teachers. Students from Class 9 to 10 will be given career counselling and Guidance by the Principal as well as resource persons in the field.

Excursion Trips:
To make our students to understand theory better, we take them to science exhibitions, field trips, picnics, nature trips, planetariums, museums, historical places, botanical gardens, amusement parks, hill stations, and other interesting spots.

Club Activities:
To give students an opportunity to showcase and hone their talents and also prepare them for intra school competitions, various club activities are conducted throughout the year. Club activities not only help students shape their personal interests and hobbies but also improve their leadership and social skills. We offer different clubs to the students of Class 6 to 10 can choose the club depending on their interest. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Assistant Secretary for each club is interviewed and selected by the Vice Principal, and teachers. The selected students plan the activities for the year. Students share their ideas and enjoy learning from each other during club periods. Teachers are there to guide them at every step. Experts and Noblites (Alumni) are also invited to share their ideas with the students.

Noble Talents:
The annual school magazine celebrates the talents of the students throughout the year. It is the chronicle of all events, programs and activities of the academic year. It also brings out the finest art, literature and information bought by the NOBLES. The Magazine is released on Annual Day of the school.

Parents-Teachers Conferences:
We desire all Parents to feel welcomed in school and work in partnership with teachers and school. Parents must be well informed about their child and school and may offer constructive advice to the administration. 

Regular meetings are conducted between parents and teachers, these along with terminal assessment reports ensure that each pupil’s progress is closely monitored. A counselling and parental care workshop is conducted to parents. Principal is available for meeting between 3:00 to 4:00 pm on all working days for any matter pertaining to the pupil.