The assessment and evaluation of the students are strictly as per the guidelines set in National Curriculum Framework and New Education Policy; in addition time to time circulars provided by CBSE, the assessment structure is followed.

For Nursery to Class 2:
The students will be assessed on the basis of day to day performance and regular classroom observations. The assessments would comprise of worksheets, assignments, recitation, reading, dictation, multiple choice questions (MCQs), short answer questions (SAQs), theme work and field projects etc.

For Classes 3 to 5:

  • An academic year is split into two terms – Term – I and Term – II
  • There will be two periodic written tests and two multiple assessments of the core subjects in each term. Continuous subject enrichment activities and portfolios/ class work/ homework assessment will take place throughout the year.
  • Term-end summative exams will be conducted in all the subjects.

For Classes 9 and 10:

  • Annual exam for 80 marks in core subjects covering 100% syllabus will be conducted at the end of the academic year.
  • Three periodic written tests in each core subject are conducted in a year. Sum of the best two tests will be considered.
  • Subject enrichment activities like ASL in language, lab activities in Maths and Science, Map work & project work in Social Science are conducted throughout the year.
  • Portfolios/ Class work/ homework assessment in each subject is considered as part of internal assessment.
  • So, 80 marks of annual exam and 20 marks of internal assessment will be added for final promotion.
  • A student must get minimum 33% together in annual exam and internal assessment for the promotion.

Homework and home assignments are given as part of continuous learning and to encourage and develop independent study skills.

One subject per day will be given to primary school and two subjects’ homework is given to Middle and Secondary School Students. It will be returned after two days. No project work can be given to be done at home. Diary is maintained and updated on daily basis by class teacher for guidance to the parents. The total duration of the home work will not exceed more than 1 hour.

Class works will be corrected by the teachers after the completion of each lesson and Homework on weekly basis. Portfolios are assessed periodically as per rubrics. The general policy of the correction of the answer scripts of the Term Examinations’ is confidential.